Cleaning up the mess isn’t the most glamorous of all the chores. But you have to do it in any
case. And during the covid-19 pandemic, it has become more crucial than ever.

Some people don’t take the cleaning job that seriously. LA Times has reported that around 38% don’t pick up their pet’s waste. If you fall in this percentage, you need to go through these points
to change your mind!

Why is pet waste removal essential?

Most people think pet poops are similar to the ones from cows. As we use cow manure as a
fertilizer for our crops, pet poops can be used similarly. But this doesn’t seem right because what cows eat is very different from what our pets eat.

Cows tend to eat grains and grass, while pets eat pet food. Due to a high protein diet of the latter, their poops become acidic. They also contain microbes and pathogens. These poops are rich in nitrogen and can turn grass yellow or brown.

Waste from any animal can affect water, with pet poop being no exception. If we can be more diligent in our efforts, we can significantly reduce its impact. Therefore, quickly cleaning the poop will prevent it from going into our water system through rain or other water sources. It can promote the growth of weeds and algae, causing water to go murky.

How effective are YardSweepers in its services?

Yardsweepers experts work in a crisscross pattern to ensure cleanliness in every inch of the area. Once it is all clear, they’ll do a second round to make sure all the poop is removed.

The company provides its customers with a 100% satisfaction Quality Assurance Guarantee. If you have a complaint, they’ll get back to rectify it within 24 hours at no additional charge. At YardSweepers, the team is geared to guard your lawns and landscaping through the regular
removal of pet feces.

YardSweepers under COVID-19 Protocol

YardSweepers team takes full measures to remain careful while handling the waste at your home. The pet waste removal team uses sealed bags to dump the trash. The staff uses gloves
and masks while they are at the company, working on the matter. Additionally, they use sanitizers before, during, and after the task.
The team maintains their distance from you when they arrive to ensure all the preventive protocols of Covid-19 are followed.




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