A Complete Pet Waste Removal Service!

Yardsweepers offers a pet and environmentally friendly product that keeps pets out of areas that we do not want them in, such as plants, bushes, green areas, and highly viewed areas. This smell based product will make dogs “go” where you want them to “go”. It can be done at the entire property or a single building or area. The entire properties $225.00 every 4 weeks or a single building is $75.00 per building every 4 weeks. Our customers love this product! With spending a large amount of budget on landscaping, you don’t want pets ruining it. If you sign up by December 31, 2020, the first treatment is free.


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What We Do?

Yardsweepers offers pet waste cleanup services for residential and all types of commercial properties. If you have a dog poop or goose waste removal issue and need a professional pooper scooper, we are your solution for condominiums, HOAs, apartments, parks.

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    Pet Station Installation includes the following:
    Post (square post 100% aluminum/metal)
    Waste Bag Dispenser
    Waste Can with Lid
    Installed with a concrete base

    Cost per pet station: $350.00

    Contact us at the link below for pricing on pet station repairs
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    Pet Station Maintenance:
    Service includes supplying and changing the large trash bag and refilling
    the small pick up bags on a once a week basis (4x’s a month):
    $30.00 per station per month

    Service includes supplying and changing the large trash bag on a once a
    week basis (4x’s a month):
    $25.00 per station per month

    Apartment Communities, HOAs and Town Homes

    We offer pet waste cleanup services for all types of commercial properties.



    We offer pet waste cleanup services for residential properties with a competitive price!


    Pet Station Maintenance

    We offer pet station maintenance, including replacing the large trash receptacle bag, and refilling the small pick up bags as well.

    Pet Station Maintenance

    Yardsweepers can take the extra work out of the pet station location and installation on any new and developing apartment communities.  We would be happy to come alongside you and your community and develop a plan that will make your tenants happy as well as their pets too.

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