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We pride ourselves on being the Triangles’ best pet waste removal company around. We offer full community cleanings. We walk the entire property not just the common areas. We walk front, back, and sides of all buildings. We also include all dog parks in our full property clean ups. We also offer full pet station installation and maintenance. This will ensure that your community can be tidy and sanitized for residents of all ages! When you get a call from an annoyed tenant about pet waste, your next call is to Yardsweepers. It will be our problem to fix for you! With our help, you won’t have any more unpleasant surprises when your tenants visit any outdoor areas in your community. Our tech team is professional and cordial in all matters of service. Let the families that live in your community enjoy their home and pets without any boundaries. Our pet waste removal team can customize a plan that accommodates the unique needs of your community at competitive prices. Give us a call today!

Don’t let pet waste ruin the outdoors for you! We are the Triangles #1 pet waste removal company. We offer several solutions for pet parents like yourself. With Yardsweepers cleaning up after them, your family time in the yard can be pleasant again. Feel free to enjoy spending time with your pet and stop worrying about where you step on your own property. Let us take care of the mess for you! Get full-service pet waste removal at competitive prices today. Give us a call today!

Many times, wayward pet waste is the result of circumstance rather than bad intentions. Forgetting to bring a bag for your dog’s mess or running out of bags during their walk are common reasons why people leave it on the ground instead of picking it up themselves.
Introducing pet waste stations is a perfect way to decrease pet waste problems while helping residents meet the community’s standards. Installing and maintaining stations encourages resident pet owners to pick up after their pet and properly dispose of the waste, and it also communicates to non-pet owning residents that you care about keeping pet waste issues under control. In addition, pet waste stations create a sense of social pressure that helps improve compliance. We can propose a plan for correct placement of any and all pet stations. Besides installation we also offer full pet station maintenance. Give us a call today!

Imagine a world where your neighborhood was always clean. You can’t say the same for everyone else’s though. It’s not easy getting all residents to clean up after their dogs, but not doing so can lead to dirty un-sanitized spaces and unhappy neighbors. It doesn’t have to be this way, let us take care of all of your pet waste needs. This includes the installation of pet stations and their maintenance at competitive prices.
We can propose a plan including proper placement of pet stations throughout the community. Give us a call today!


A Complete Pet Waste Removal Service!

Yardsweepers offers a pet and environmentally friendly product that keeps pets out of areas that we do not want them in, such as plants, bushes, green areas, and highly viewed areas. This smell based product will make dogs “go” where you want them to “go”. It can be done at the entire property or a single building or area. The entire properties $225.00 every 4 weeks or a single building is $75.00 per building every 4 weeks. Our customers love this product! With spending a large amount of budget on landscaping, you don’t want pets ruining it. If you sign up by December 31, 2020, the first treatment is free.

What We Do?

Yardsweepers offers pet waste cleanup services for residential and all types of commercial properties. If you have a dog poop or goose waste removal issue and need a professional pooper scooper, we are your solution for condominiums, HOAs, apartments, parks.

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    Pet Station Installation includes the following:
    Post (square post 100% aluminum/metal)
    Waste Bag Dispenser
    Waste Can with Lid
    Installed with a concrete base

    Cost per pet station: $350.00

    Contact us at the link below for pricing on pet station repairs

    Pet Station Maintenance:
    Service includes supplying and changing the large trash bag and refilling
    the small pick up bags on a once a week basis (4x’s a month):
    $30.00 per station per month

    Service includes supplying and changing the large trash bag on a once a
    week basis (4x’s a month):
    $25.00 per station per month

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