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Apartment Communities

When you get a call from an annoyed tenant about pet waste, your next call should be to Yardsweepers! Unlike our competitors, we will take care of the entire property: front, back and sides of buildings as well as dog parks and pet stations. With our help, you won’t have any more unpleasant surprises when your tenants visit any outdoor areas in your community. Get full-service pet waste removal at competitive prices. Give us a call today!



Residential Pet Waste Removal

Don’t let pet waste keep you from enjoying your backyard. We offer several solutions for pet parents like yourself. We take care of the mess so you can take care of the rest. Get full-service pet waste removal at competitive prices. Give us a call today!



Pet Station Installation and Maintenance

Imagine a world where your neighborhood was always clean. You can’t say the same for everyone else’s though. It’s not easy getting all residents to clean up after their dogs, but not doing so can lead to dirty un-sanitized spaces and unhappy neighbors. It doesn’t have to be this way, let us take care of all of your pet waste needs. This includes the installation of pet stations and their maintenance at competitive prices.
We can propose a plan including proper placement of pet stations throughout the community. Give us a call today!


It’s not easy getting all residents to clean up after their pets, but not doing so can lead to dirty, un-sanitized spaces and unhappy neighbors. Many times, wayward pet waste is not intentional but rather the result of forgetting to bring a bag for your dog’s mess or running out of bags during your walk. Introducing pet waste stations is a perfect way to decrease pet waste problems while helping residents meet the community’s standards. Let us plan for strategic placement and a maintenance program so you can give your community the tools to keep it clean! Give us a call today!

What We Do?

We provide complete pet waste removal and cleanup.

We are a full service pet waste management company.

Yardsweepers is a locally owned company that offers pet waste management for residential and all types of commercial properties. If you have dog or goose waste removal issues and need a professional pooper scooper, we offer pet waste solutions for apartment communities, residential homes, HOAs, parks, townhomes, and condominiums.

Pet Waste Cleanup

Professional Scooping

HOA, Residential & Apartment communities

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