Environmentally safe & pet friendly treatment to protect your landscaping

from Yardsweepers

As a property manager, HOA, apartment community or townhouses, you know how difficult it can be to keep your property and landscaping free from pet waste. Dog poop clean up is one part of the equation but what about making so pet’s don’t “go” where they ought not “go”? Not only are pet waste and urine stains unsightly, but they can also be harmful to your plants and flowers. Fortunately, Yardsweepers offers an environmentally safe and family/pet friendly treatment that protects your landscaping and keeps pets away from areas they don’t belong.

Here’s what you need to know about Yardsweepers’ pet-friendly treatment:

Environmentally Safe and Pet-Friendly

At Yardsweepers, we believe in using environmentally safe products that are also safe for pets and humans. Our treatment is made from natural ingredients that are non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can rest assured that your lawn and garden are safe for your family and pets.

Keeps Pets and Strays Away

Our treatment is designed to keep pets and strays away from areas they don’t belong. This includes grass, bushes, and flower beds. By creating an unpleasant scent, dogs and geese will avoid going in their usual spots. And, the best part is that they will not return to the treated areas. This means that you can make dogs go wherever you want and keep the landscaping green and beautiful.

Prevents Damage to Landscaping

Pets can cause a lot of damage to your landscaping, whether it’s from digging or from their waste. Our treatment can prevent this damage by keeping pets away from your lawn and garden. This means that your plants and flowers will stay healthy and vibrant, and your lawn will stay green and lush.

Perfect for Communities and Buildings

Our treatment can be used in a variety of settings, from HOA’s to entire communities. We can provide treatments for individual buildings or for the entire community, depending on your needs. This means that no matter where you live, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn and garden that is free from pet waste.

How it Works

Our treatment works by creating an unpleasant scent that pets and geese do not like. This scent is not harmful to pets or humans, but it is effective at keeping them away from your lawn and garden. Once applied, the treatment will last for several weeks, depending on weather conditions and the amount of foot traffic in the area.

To apply the treatment, our technicians will visit your property and identify the areas that need to be treated. We will then apply the treatment using specialized equipment that ensures even coverage. The treatment is quick and easy, and there is no need for you to be present during the application.


If you’re looking for a family and pet-friendly way to protect your landscaping from pet waste, then Yardsweepers has the solution. Our environmentally safe treatment is designed to keep pets and strays away from areas they don’t belong, prevent damage to your landscaping, and keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful.

Contact us today to schedule a treatment and start enjoying a pet-free lawn and garden!