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Up till now, over 760,000 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the state of North
Caroline. The spread has been substantial, especially in the areas surrounding Raleigh.
Wake, Orange, and Durham are all taking a pounding at the hands of the novel Coronavirus.
Most of the areas in this region are on high alert, as they are labeled either orange or red.
Two state prisons in Raleigh have become a site of outbreaks, with over 150 inmates infected.
The Cardinal Gibbons High School, located in the city, has informed the families that it will be
shifting to remote learning for the next couple of weeks after the Health Department of Wake
County's instruction.
Two students and an office educator were reported to be infected. New vaccine sites are
opening for drive-throughs in these areas.
Pandemic Affecting the Lives of WFH People
Work from home (WFH) employees in Raleigh, NC, are facing burnout. More than 69% of the
WFH employees are dealing with this situation at the moment. Financial anxiety and stress are
at their peak.
Workers are not taking enough time off to recharge or rejuvenate themselves for the next day.
They are not taking any chances because they don't want to deal with another layoff.
Remote working used to be a perk, but now it's about survival. So many people have lost their
jobs. Many have seen their offices shuttering down right in front of them.
Managing everything in such a wild environment can be challenging. It's taking a toll on the
people of Raleigh, NC. They have to stay home at all times and work in a hostile environment.
There are far more critical tasks at hand than just cleaning pet poops from the lawn. So, why not
leave it to the professionals!
YardSweepers Understands Your Stress & Wants to Extend a Helping
We at YardSweepers understand these are challenging times. That’s why allow us to have your
tie and do the pet waste removal to prioritize your work.
YardSweepers will take care of this entire chore. We will leave you 100% satisfied. If not, you
can give us a call, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Your complaints will be
entertained free of cost as well.

At YardSweepers, we are here for you. We want to extend our helping hand, so you don't have
to waste your time picking the waste up. You can focus on working or giving time to your family,
things that you hold dear!
Give us a call right now, and we will be at your doorstep in no time!




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