Top Five Reasons Why Dogs Bite

Top Five Reasons Why Dogs Bite     Why Do Dogs Bite? This is a question that most of us have asked ourselves at least once or twice. Even the most irresistible puppy faces can be deceptive, and for approximately 4.5 million people, this is a particularly sore subject. Using thestatistics to draw this picture, […]

Spring is here-Are you ready to keep your pet safe?

Spring is here-Are you ready to keep your pet safe? With the heat quickly approaching, we are all getting ready for pool season! Before it gets too hot we are trying to get home improvement projects, indoor and out, completed. We want everything to be perfect for those weekend BBQ, with all the Graduation parties […]

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month

High Angle View Of Pit Bull Terrier On Grassy Field

Pit Bull Awareness Month: Understanding and Celebrating this Misunderstood Breed   Please remember to investigate everything you read or hear. Pit Bulls are not the issue!!   They are some of the sweetest fur babies we see each and every day.   Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood and unfairly stigmatized dog breeds. […]

Dog Waste and Your Health

The American Pet association estimates that this country’s seventy-one million pet dogs produce over 4.4 billion pounds of waste per year. That’s enough to cover 900 football fields with 12 inches of dog waste! Dog feces are more than just a nuisance – pet waste can pose a serious health hazard. Why?…. A number of […]


[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″ lazy_load=”yes” show_video_on_mobile=””][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column order=”0″ lazy_load=”yes” shape=”inherit” border=”” width=”1/1″ width_lg=”1/1″ width_md=”1/1″ width_sm=”1/1″ width_xs=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] FURRY FASHION! ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR PET Pet fashion accessories are fun and give your pet a unique, unforgettable look. There are several types of pet accessories you can choose from. Let’s take a look at what you can get! DESIGNER COLLARS Designer […]