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Our team of professionals offers environmental and pet-friendly services. We get rid of pet
waste from any commercial or residential property in no time. If you have a pet waste removal
problem, we can sort things out for you. We are a professional pooper scooper service. We can
take care of poop from parks, apartments, HOAs, and condos.
How Do We Handle Things?
Our team will walk across the entire property to pick up and dispose of all pet waste from every
nock of your home. Additionally, we provide maintenance services for your pet's station. It will
include the removal and refilling of those large trash bags and poop pickup bags.
Furthermore, we offer replacement and repair services of these pet stations, including the post,
bag dispenser, along with trash receptacle. YardSweeper will service your apartment
community on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
Our team will ensure all pet waste is adequately bagged in biodegradable bags. They will
dispose of them under the guidelines set by the state, county, and town.
We at YardSweepers, don't want pet waste to be your problem to deal with. We provide our
customers with Quality Assurance Guarantee that will leave them 100% satisfied with our
services. If that is not the case, a revisit will rectify the problem free of cost.
Want Your Pets Out of a Certain Area? We Can Help You!
We will help you keep your pets away from the areas you don't want them to sneak around. If
you wish to protect your plants, greens areas, bushes, or similar sights, we guarantee your
puppy or kitty won't lurk around in the marked areas.
You don't want your pets to ruin every dime that you have spent on landscaping. They will go
where you want them to go. You can acquire this service for your entire property every month or
just one building for the same period.
Why Choose YardSweepers?
We cover all residential properties, including homes, HOAs, condos, apartment communities,
and townhomes. Apart from that, we also cover all kinds of commercial properties. If the
weather is hindering our maintenance schedule, we will promptly set a make-up visit.
YardSweepers has been around for over 14 years. The company understands how important it
is to get rid of that waste both for your health and your property's scenic beauty.

We have a mission, and that is to help pet owners keep their families healthy and improve the
overall quality of water supply in the community. We prevent any unwanted stress due to
landscape maintenance through the regular disposal of pet waste.

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