Phone: 919.460.0000


Does Yardsweepers offer year round services?

Yes we do! We will service your yard 365 days a year
(weather permitting).

How much does the residential service cost?

Service pricing begins at $12.00 per service. The price will
increase by the number of dogs and frequency of service.
We also offer discounts to dog owners who would like to pay
for clean ups in advance. Call us today at 919-460- 0000.

How do I pay?

We offer check or credit card, and online payments.

Online payment processing fee is 3.7%

How often am I invoiced?

We invoice on a monthly basis.

Do you carry insurance?

We carry umbrella, liability, auto, and workers compensation

How much does an apartment community/HOA cost?

Call us for a free quote at 919-460- 0000 or email us at

How often do you come to an apartment community/HOA?

We propose weekly or bi-weekly service. You can also
chose once a month clean ups or a one time clean up.

How often do you service a residential home?

We propose weekly or bi-weekly service. You can also
chose once a month clean ups or a one time clean up.

What other services do you offer apartment communities/HOAs?

We offer complete pet station purchase, installation and
maintenance. We work with the entire management team to
develop a program that is best for your community.

How can you be sure you got all the poop?

Our professionals are skilled at the task at hand. We will
work in a criss-cross pattern covering the entire area to be
cleaned. Once they are done, a second “look” will be done to
make sure all poop is collected.

Will you still clean if the dog is in the yard?

Well, that depends on the dog. If he/she is friendly, we can
do the clean up. Otherwise, we can figure out a plan to
complete the clean up.

Do you provide goose/deer poop clean up?

Absolutely! We remove all poop that is a nuisance at your

Do you offer a service guarantee?

Always! We want our customers to be fully 100% satisfied.
That’s why we offer our Quality Assurance Guarantee:
If you get a complaint, we will return within 24 hours to
correct it, free of charge. Whether it is 1 complaint or 10
complaints, there will be no additional charge. We want our
customers to be 100% satisfied with our service.